Anti-Israel Activists Release Information on Israeli Security Officials

Anti-Israel activists have claimed to have posted personal information of senior Israeli officials on a Persian-language Telegram channel in the past month.

The group, known as Justice for Palestine, began publishing information from a number of Mossad, IDF and Shin Bet officials in mid-October, including phone numbers, addresses , identity numbers and photos.

The group’s charter declared it to be an “international grassroots network of freed men, gentlemen and supporters of justice and the oppressed and homeless around the world.” The group added that it focuses on “combating oppression and oppressors,” and would do so by identifying and revealing the identity of those responsible they see as oppressors.

The group also aims to bring the information they gather to human rights groups around the world to try to prosecute these officials in international courts.

“The oppressed nation of Palestine is now the largest group of people in the world who, as a nation with an identity of over 73 years, has been systematically oppressed by the racist government of the usurping Zionist regime, therefore, in the first phase . , this group is trying to fight the perpetrators of this indisputable oppression, ”the group said in its charter. It is not known if the group meant that it intended to expand to target other states.

New Shin Bet leader Ronen Bar. (credit: SHIN BET)

On October 17, the Justice for Palestine group referred to the leaking of the identity and personal information of Shin Bet leader Ronen Bar before his name was revealed by Israeli authorities, saying it would disclose even more information. information.

The information leaked to Bar included identification numbers, dates of birth and photos of his family, home address and phone number.

The group also disclosed similar information about current Mossad chief David Barnea, former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, IDF chief of staff Aviv Kohavi, head of the Military Intelligence Directorate of IDF Aharon. Haliva and Israeli Air Force Commander Amikam Norkin.

It is not known how the information was obtained and whether all the information published by the group is correct. A search on a reverse phone number finder app showed that some of the published phone numbers matched the names they belonged to.

It is also unclear whether the group is entirely Iranian, although the group’s posts are published in Persian. A report on the group was released on Monday by the Fars news agency.

Last month, a hacker group called Moses Staff claimed to have carried out a successful cyberattack on Israel’s Defense Ministry, posting files and photos they claim to have obtained from the ministry’s servers.

Moses staff said in the announcement that they have access to confidential documents, including reports, operational maps, information about soldiers and units, as well as letters and correspondence. “We will publish this information to inform [sic] the whole world on the crimes of the Israeli authorities, ”warned the group.

The leaked files included photos of Gantz and IDF soldiers and a 2010 letter from Gantz to the Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief of Intelligence of the Jordanian Armed Forces. The leaked files also included Excel files allegedly containing the names, ID numbers, emails, addresses, phone numbers and even the socio-economic status of the soldiers, mechine pre-military students and individuals linked to the Ministry of Defense.

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