5 ways email finders can make networking safer

Making new friends or business partners online is easy, but it can also be dangerous. You can’t always tell if a contact or an offer is legitimate, for example. Fortunately, there is an easy way to protect yourself against such often overlooked threats: email search tools.

These services are easy to use, and some are even free. However, the number of options available and their complex technology can seem overwhelming. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using them, specifically related to your security when networking online.

First, there are two types of email search tools.

Standard technology allows you to use a person’s details, such as a name or phone number, to find their email address.

Reverse email lookup does the opposite. You submit the email address and the search software finds additional information about that person. Usually, you will get basic contact details, but some services can locate social media profiles, online activity, etc.

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That said, there are limits to using email search tools. As SEON explains, you need to keep a close eye on how much data you can legally get, as well as what each service can provide. Cost, speed, and depth of information are key factors for a business owner, for example.

Let’s see what this smart technology can do for your safety and comfort.

1. You can make sure the contacts are safe to talk to

There are several ways to spot a fake LinkedIn profile, from their photo to the details provided. You can take your security measures even further with email search tools.

Learning what you can from the information available to people takes time and attention to detail. But once you know they’re legitimate, you’ll communicate more comfortably.

Email search is a fast and reliable method of networking while still maintaining peace of mind when contacting someone and vice versa.

2. You can feel safe discussing business.

White lights in the shape of a handshake

You’ll probably need to talk to strangers about work-related issues every now and then, so boosting your online security makes all the difference in the way you communicate, in the credibility and trust you have, and in how quickly you communicate. which you enter into agreements.

Email search tools can give you the information you need to be comfortable discussing business. You might be a freelance looking for your next project. You can advertise new partnerships or make sales from your website. Or you might be looking for a new job.

The person you interact with can reveal a lot about themselves by providing the simplest details. Based on Hubspot’s report of four billion active email users every day, email addresses are the easiest and most informative resource to find.

Just plug a potential business partner’s email address into a reliable reverse lookup service and you can check if it’s at least a scammer or a bot. If you want to dig deeper, there are many other steps you can take to find information about a person online.

3. You can avoid scams in general

Curiosity, communication, and collecting practical information about users are popular incentives for using email search tools. But the driving force that matters the most is online security.

There are lots of smart ways for crooks to get the best of you. That’s why you need to be prepared for everything from innocent-looking private emails and messages to complex schemes involving scammers, fake accounts, and more.

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Just clicking on a link or opening a questionable email can download malware. So be careful with every potential contact to protect yourself in the long run.

And good email search services, both standard and reverse, give you that bit of extra data to consider and keep you from hanging out in trouble.

4. You can get contact information by legitimate means

Always be wary of how much information you can collect and how to use it. Understanding what GDPR and its laws are is a good foundation for your business’ data handling strategy, and so is the NYDFS Cyber ​​Security Policy for all businesses operating in part across New York City.

No matter what method you use to collect people’s details, the best email search tools can then perform important security checks, like confirming identities and email addresses, without breaking any rules. . They do this by researching what is available for free on secure websites and databases.

5. You can get a lot of data with superior email search tools

Another advantage of using high-end research software is the range of information they can find. Although few offer their services for free, they are worth investing in, especially if you are running your own business.

After all, sometimes you have to go beyond names, phone numbers, and addresses. Fortunately, when using superior email search tools like Spokeo, you can expect a lot more, whether for security, productivity, or other reasons.

Depending on the type of service and the resources, individuals and businesses have access to several types of information, including:

  • Validity and quality of the e-mail address.

  • Profiling on social networks.

  • History of data breaches.

  • Presence in spam blacklists.

Networking is more complicated and time consuming with support for email search tools, but the security you’ll feel is well worth it. Ultimately, you’ll know that every new connection you make is legitimate, whether it’s a friend, partner, or customer. Most of the services are fairly easy to use, so while it may seem complicated at first, you’ll soon get into the habit of checking contact details.

And checking your own online presence is another handy use of tracking tools. For example, you can rediscover old accounts and close them for security reasons. You might even want to assess your visibility and improve it as part of your marketing or job search strategy – all very smart moves.

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