27 under police investigation for various offenses after nightlife restrictions eased

SINGAPORE: A total of 27 people are under police investigation for various offenses after Singapore eased restrictions on nightlife businesses, Singapore Police (SPF) announced on Friday (April 29).

Between April 19 and April 26, officers from the SPF, Singapore Tourism Board, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Food Agency, Singapore Land Authority Singapore and the Sentosa Development Corporation have carried out enforcement checks at 406 public entertainment venues across the island to “ensure a safe resumption of nighttime activities”.

During these operations, 14 licensed and unlicensed public entertainment and nightlife establishments committed several violations of the Public Entertainment Act, the Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act and COVID-19 (temporary measures) (reopening – control order) Regulations.

Two of the outlets received closure orders for violating security management measures. They are also subject to fines or prosecution, police said.

These outlets failed to implement checks to verify a customer’s vaccination status before allowing entry, and failed to minimize physical interactions between customers and staff. A total of 23 people were fined for non-compliance with security management measures.

The 27 people under investigation include operators, staff and customers of these establishments.

They are being investigated for various offenses including providing public entertainment without a valid license, membership in an illegal society, embarrassment while intoxicated, and illegal remote gambling.

Police have highlighted an establishment on Middle Road which is believed to have operated as a bar despite only having permission to operate as a restaurant.

The operator of this venue will be investigated for allegedly providing public entertainment without a valid license.

“A pair of headphones, a mixing console, a disc jockey controller and other audio equipment used to play recorded music were seized,” police said.

“The outlet operator would also have provided alcohol outside of its licensed premises and would not have put in place a screening system to check a customer’s vaccination status before allowing entry. “

As a result of the second offence, and given the operator’s previous breaches of security management measures, the outlet was given 30 days’ notice of closure and will be subject to prosecution, police added.

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