10 quotes that perfectly sum up Nacho as a character

Although it is not established breaking Bad character and favorite like Saul Goodman or Gus Fring, Ignacio “Nacho” Varga has become a fan-favorite character in his own right in You better call Saul. As the popular series draws to a close, fans remember how Nacho won them over, even though he started out as an unknown character among many familiar players.

When first introduced, Nacho seemed like a pretty straightforward man, but he eventually grew into one of the show’s most nuanced and tragic characters, and his best quotes sum up his personality and story throughout the series. .


“Breaking a lawyer for no reason is bad business.”

“Mijo” (Season 1, Episode 2)

Nacho talks Tuco out of killing Jimmy in Better Call Saul

Tuco is an erratic and violent individual who has never listened to anyone but himself in breaking Bad. You better call Saul immediately shows how influential Nacho can be when he helps convince Tuco not to kill Jimmy McGill, even when Tuco has apparently made up his mind about it.

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Nacho’s dialogue not only proves his influence over individuals like Tuco, but also demonstrates that he is pragmatic and is considered trustworthy by the Salamancas. He knows there’s nothing to be gained by killing a lawyer like Jimmy, and even the paranoid Tuco trusts Nacho. When Tuco later goes to jail, other members of the Salamanca family place their trust in Nacho, even when he is secretly working against them.

“For when you realize you’re in the game.”

“Mijo” (Season 1, Episode 2)

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill Saul Goodman and Michael Mando as Nacho Varga in Better Call Saul

When Nacho comes to see Jimmy after the incident in the desert and asks for information about the couple Jimmy was trying to scam, Jimmy insists he doesn’t want anything to do with it. Nacho leaves Jimmy a card with a phone number, telling him it’s for when he finds out he’s in “the game”.

At this early point in the story, Nacho understands the world of crime and the cartel much better than Jimmy. He is the first person to try to make Jimmy understand that it doesn’t matter what he wants, because once someone is immersed in this world, there is no leaving it. Telling Jimmy that it’s Nacho who’s being honest, but also that he’s trying to use Jimmy for his own gain.

“Doing it for the money, I get it. But this shit is crazy.”

“Nailed” (Season 2, Episode 9)

Nacho enlists Mike's help in killing Tuco in Better Call Saul

When Nacho realizes that Mike is responsible for attacking the Salamancas’ cargo, he cannot understand. Nacho is a pragmatic person ready to do bold things for money or for his own preservation. Mike’s actions were intended to make the Salamancas suffer for threatening him and his family.

As the series progresses, Nacho looks more like Mike and can understand why he did what he did. Nacho sees there is more to life than money and self-preservation as Hector Salamanca and Gus Fring threaten his father’s life and Gus Fring robs Nacho of any chance of survival or freedom.

“It’s him or me.”

“Gloves Off” (season 2, episode 4)

You better call Saul Nacho and Mike to install Tuco

Nacho has a strong sense of self-preservation. One of the clearest moments of this is when Nacho sees Tuco becoming increasingly unstable and dangerous and decides to bring him down, even though Tuco is his boss and supposedly his friend.

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Nacho recognizes that he has no future if he stays by Tuco’s side, so he or Tuco must leave. Mike Ehrmantraut helps Nacho succeed and does so in a smarter way than Nacho intended, but that doesn’t change the self-preservation that guides Nacho’s decision.

“It’s not about what you want. When you’re in, you’re in.”

“The Guy for That” (Season 5, Episode 3)

Nacho tried to tell Jimmy he was in the game years ago. At the time, it just seemed like a statement of fact, something neutral that Nacho had accepted. Now that Jimmy doesn’t want to continue working for Lalo Salamanca, Nacho’s words that he has no choice ring even truer.

Nacho’s lyrics are also more tragic this time around as Nacho tried to do what he wanted, but Gus Fring took all his choice away from him. He and Jimmy are in different circumstances, but Nacho understands what it’s like to be in the game and have all of your personal choices and desires taken away, and he tries to help Jimmy come to terms with an unfortunate but important truth. .

“I want to make my own decisions. Go my own way.”

“Something Unforgivable” (Season 5, Episode 10)

Steven Bauer as Don Eladio and Michael Mando as Nacho in Better Call Saul

When Nacho meets the powerful Don Eladio for the first and only time, the cartel leader asks Nacho what he wants and how he will earn money for the cartel. As a double agent blackmailed into working for Gus Fring, Nacho cannot be honest with Don Eladio, and mostly says the right things that will earn his trust.

However, there is still some truth in what Nacho says, as he says he wants to make his own decisions and do whatever he wants. Nacho has been unable to make his own decisions and do what he wants for a while now. The pragmatic part of him knows he’ll probably never have those freedoms again, but there’s still a part of him that’s hopeful. The sincerity behind those words also helps his lies to Don Eladio be even more convincing.

“I’d rather take a nap.”

“Something Unforgivable” (Season 5, Episode 10)

Michael Mando as Nacho in Better Call Saul

Shortly before opening the doors to the gunmen hired to assassinate Lalo Salamanca, Nacho speaks with Lalo as they sit around a fire gazing at the stars. They talk about the fact that neither of them sleeps much.

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Nacho’s line that he would rather take a nap goes beyond sleep. After all he’s endured at the hands of the Salamanca family and Gus Fring, he’s understandably exhausted. He’s tired of all the manipulation and violence and just wants to rest and live in a world where he’s not constantly fighting to protect his father and himself.

“My dad. I need to know he’ll be safe.”

“Rock and Hard Place” (Season 6, Episode 3)

Before Nacho transforms into Gus Fring, he is adamant that his father will be safe and protected. Even though Nacho knows surrender is a death sentence, he’s willing to sacrifice his own life if it means keeping his father safe.

Everything Nacho did to kill Hector Salamanca and while working for Gus Fring was to protect his father. Nacho’s father doesn’t know the huge sacrifices his son made for him, but Nacho loved and put his father above everything, even his own life.

“I put you in this chair.”

“Rock and Hard Place” (Season 6, Episode 3)

Nacho's Better Call Saul Story Made Him More Salamanca-Like Than He Thought

Before his inevitable death, a captive Nacho drops one of the biggest bombs in You better call Saul. He reveals to Hector Salamanca that it was he who paralyzed him. Nacho replaced the Salamanca elder’s heart medication with sugar pills and the stroke it caused would have killed him if it weren’t for Gus Fring.

Nacho knows he’s about to die, but he doesn’t come out without claiming responsibility for being the one who crippled and nearly killed the mighty Hector Salamanca, proving that his job to hurt and undermine the Salamanca family went right. beyond what happened with Lalo.

“When you sit in your s***** nursing home and suck your jelly night after night for the rest of your life, you think of me, you twisted asshole.”

“Rock and Hard Place” (Season 6, Episode 3)

Better Call Saul Nacho put Hector in a wheelchair

Nacho digs even deeper into the knife, ensuring that Hector will never forget how Nacho irrevocably hurt him and the Salamanca family. Nacho wants Hector to understand the consequences of his many cruel and thoughtless actions.

Hector thought Nacho was nothing but a loyal servant, but Nacho was the one who created the beginning of the end for the Salamanca family, a truth that would haunt Hector for the rest of his life. Michael Mando’s delivery of “you think of me” is particularly powerful and is up there with the most epic lines of them all. breaking Bad and You better call Saul.

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