Spaniards invest more money in clothes: What garments succeed this summer?

  • We spend more on fashion than three years ago.
  • The swimsuit comes back and triumphs floral prints and ruffles.
  • The ‘outlets’ spread through Spain with discounts that reach 80%.
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The Spanish plan to spend an average of 149 euros on summer sales. GTRES

The continuous and aggressive campaigns of discounts, together with the slight impulse of the economic recovery, have pushed the Spaniards to spend more money in renovating their wardrobe . In 2016, families invested an average of 1,246 euros in fashion, according to the latest Acotex report ‘Textile trade in figures’.

Spending, 12% higher than three years ago , consolidates the slight growth of the industry after seven consecutive years of decline. “After a few years of certain stagnation, a certain apathy of consumption and, above all, of a more derivative consumption towards low cost brands, we are already feeling a lot more joy,” says Luis Lara, senior advisor of the consulting firm KPMG Fashion.

However, we are far from reaching pre-crisis levels . In 2007, the average annual expenditure reached 1,853 euros. “Those indices will not be achieved again,” explains Tatiana Valoira, a consultant and professor at EAE Business School, “it is a saturated market and now it is much more divided, we have many more offers.”


Following the crisis, the discounts are constant and very striking. Only during the summer sales, Spaniards plan to spend an average of 149 euros, according to a survey by online portal Ofertia. Expectations are often exceeded, since respondents tend to be more conservative when answering than at the time of purchase.

“Summer is very much associated with sales,” says Luis Lara, “but there are brands that play with news every week and not so much at stations.” Long before the sales period began, firms such as Cortefiel, Adolfo Domínguez and H & M already offered great discounts.

What is this summer?

With a saturated market and fierce competition, the trends multiply and the industry ‘imposes’ on consumers the continuous renewal of their wardrobe. The star trend of the summer season is the print , from floral designs and Hawaiian shirts to the youthful bet of the Vichy paintings. “Funny, tropical, marine stripes or mix of stripes with prints …”, point from El Corte Inglés.

Again, bare shoulders are imposed and the ruffles are added, which triumph these months. “This summer highlights the tropical and floral prints, both in dresses and blouses, ruffled garments, fluid pants, monkeys and also those women’s clothes that leave the shoulders exposed (the famous off-shoulder ) or fantasies in the sleeves ( balloon sleeves, puffs …) In general, fresh and feminine garments “, summarizes in Mango.

In beaches and pools, in addition to the bikini in golden tones, earth and fluorine, the swimsuit repeats as a strong bet and stand out the bathing suits in retro key and maxi neckline.

In footwear, the trend is to carry espadrilles, wedges or shovel sandals . “Flat or with little heel, esparto or wood, comfortable to use at any time of the day,” says El Corte Inglés.

In terms of men’s fashion, the department stores highlight the shirts “very summer linen” or bold prints, colorful polo shirts -indigo blue fashion-and Bermuda basic jeans.

The jeans are a garment that also triumphs these months. “It’s a wardrobe background product that you can use for the day and combine with any garment and color, it’s not a seasonal product, it’s still sold in the summer and it’s a trend for customization with drawings and frayed. than in another season, “says Alberto Antón, of the IED Fashion School.

Fashion at street level

Embroidered and frayed . Shorts with decorative embroidery. Price: € 25.99.

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Join the fashion print . Closure in the back with bow and crossed in front. Price: € 40.


Comfort and freshness . Sandals in black color. Price: € 49.99.


Not to go unnoticed . Sandals with rhinestones and feathers. Price: € 35.95.

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Youthful and informal . Short sleeve polo shirt made of navy cotton. Price: € 40. .


‘Made in Spain’ . Navy suede espadrille and made in Spain, 100% leather. Price: € 51

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The depth of indigo blue . Wool suit by J. Lindeberg. Price: € 249.95.

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