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Personal Loan at Maia Stores! Now it’s Magazine Luiza. Even with the change of name, INSS Retirees and Pensioners can make through the CDC Consignado INSS in an uncomplicated, fast and bureaucratic form of money lending to carry out what they want, they can also buy household appliances, furniture and gift items in general up to 36 equal installments, and the first payment only for 210 days.

Loja Maia is a large network of home appliances, furniture and gift items in general, possessing more than 3,200 products from more than 610 suppliers. With operations in the Retail, Wholesale, Consortium, Loan and Extended Guarantee area, it has its headquarters in João Pessoa, the capital of Paraíba, with approximately 140 subsidiaries in the Northeastern States PB, CE, RN, SE, AL, BA, PE, PI and MA was acquired by Magazine Luiza in July 2010 and the entire migratory process of the brand has already been completed.

The INSS Consignee does not have consultation with the SPC or SERASA, since the payments of the benefits are made directly through debts made in the monthly payment of the retirement benefit or pension, to obtain the INSS payroll loan, only to present the CIC / RG and Benefit Card, the remainder the providence Stores Providence.

What is and who can make the Consigned CDC?

What is and who can make the Consigned CDC?

The Personal Loan and CDC Consigned INSS is a type of merchandise financing that Lojas Maia offers to be discounted in payroll and / or in retirement or pension, the focus of this loan are the insured and holders of benefits receiving retirement or pension of the General Social Security System of the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

To carry out the CDC Consignado INSS, simply go to any of our Maia Stores, and look for the Managers or Attendants that one of them will inform you the best credit option and payment method for you to choose. The CDC Consignado’s proposals are sent to the BMC bank, which will analyze and grant the credit.
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Check the maximum amount of Payroll Loan:

For INSS retirees and pensioners up to 75 years – Maximum R $ 30,000.00
For Retirees and Pensioners between 76 and 80 years old – Maximum R $ 20,000.00
Customers with more than 82 -Maximum R $ 3,000.00