No Margin to Make Loans – Know 5 Ways That Make


No margin !!! I have no assignable margin or I have no margin for consignment . It is very common for netizens to contact us saying that they have no more margin to consign on the sheet, or even that they have no more lines to request another loan. Well, all this is normal, to tell you the truth 70% of civil servants if not more than that, then in this same condition.

The good news is that for those who are no longer able to get consigned loans because they have no more room for consignment, there are many other ways to get installment credit with good terms and low interest rates. We researched and found some ways to apply for and get a loan with no margin .

Usually those who use the payroll are: retirees and pensioners of the INSS; civil servants and servers; military career, aeronautics and navy and now private company workers who are offering payroll loan to wage earners. The payday loan is one of the cheapest ways to borrow money from a bank, as the guarantee is the debtor’s stability, so the payments come out straight from your wages, salaries and salaries. There is little risk for the lending institution thus generating interest on average from 1.98% to 3.51% per month.

There are many advantages to both borrowing and lending. However, there are rules and limits established by paying agencies and external regulating operations. One is called “assignable margin” this rule is who limited percentage that can be deducted from the payroll payroll applicant. The percentage varies from 30 to 35% of the value base received.

We also have the discount lines, for civil servants, they range between 2 and 6 discount lines, for INSS beneficiaries, went from 6 to 9 discount lines, that is, now retirees and pensioners can make more loans in the truth plus 3 loans using the assignable margin, if they have, of course.

Within this limitation, we can include the deadlines, in general the institutions start with 12 and end with 96 installments, this also varies according to the type of paying agency involved eg: INSS, SIAPE, Armed Forces and etc.

I’m out of commission and right now?

I'm out of commission and right now?

Did you use all the lines? Did you use the entire margin of consignment? So you can not borrow anymore, that’s the rule. Only not! Even if you can not do payday loan, you have many other options if you really need borrowed money urgently.

As I said, here we list the five types of personal loans for those who need quick cash, no bureaucracy, but no set-aside. They are known as “unsecured credit” or “unsecured loan.” These can be hired without margin.


Online Personal Loan

Online Personal Loan

Every citizen can make a personal loan , if it is online even better. To hire, just have regular CPF, updated documentary and proof of income for the last three months. In some companies and banks, the loan is released even though it is negative, however the interest rates are a bit saltier.

In this type of personal loan, it is possible to take loan with pre-check and personal loan with ticket. Realized that with or without margin if you want to borrow money to solve a problem or consume something desired, the financial market does not lack options.

Microcredit for no margin

Microcredit for no margin

The definition of small loans is: ” Microcredit is the term used today to designate a variety of loans whose common characteristics are: They are of small value (usually between $ 50 and $ 5,000, depending on the country ).”

For citizens who need small amounts, whatever it may be, they can simply opt for microcredit, in this modality the installments are short term but the release of a quick and immediate money , the limits increase as you pay the loans taken.

Microcredit serves mainly if you are one of those who besides beneficiaries of the INSS or public servants who have a small business and need money to make the business flow. Check with your city’s Commercial Association if there is any program enabled.


Loan Simulator

 Loan Simulator

Total Requested (Amount in R $)


Interest Rate (per month)


Plot Value


Loan with guarantee: for no margin?

Loan with guarantee: for no margin?

Securing a property or vehicle is another way to get a cash loan without any assignable margin . That’s right, if you have a property of its own as a property or vehicle taken away give it as collateral to get another loan.

In this modality the amounts released are quite expressive, however, be cautious in hiring, if you fail to pay three installments of the loan, you lose the property or vehicle you left as guarantor.

Anticipation of the thirteenth or IRPF refund


Are you a private bank customer? So you certainly have access to two ways to get money borrowed without red tape. The anticipation of thirteenth and early repayment of income taxes in the form of advance loan are widely offered by banking institutions.

The bank anticipates the financial resources you need today, and in return you pay them with interest and compensation when you receive from the company or are refunded by the Revenue.

Special check and credit card withdrawal

Special check and credit card withdrawal

The times are modern but the check loan was the ball of the time when it was talked about personal loan, today the unsecured loans and payroll dominate the scenarios. Anyway this modality has not died, there are some financiers that release loan with the guarantee of checks. The diamond, Crefisa and IBIcred are examples.

I do not have any assignable margin, do I use the card?


As a moderation, credit card has a habit of saying that they have money when in fact they do not. As for the loan with credit card , you only have to know what your limit to draw on the card and to withdraw at any electronic terminal scattered throughout Brazil. The loan repayment can be split up to 18 times depending on your card and your willingness to pay exorbitant interest.

Well, these are alternative ways for you that are without margin and what money to borrow. The interest on these loans without doubt is the highest, our tip is to hire only in the last case or when you had a loan request failed.