Give Up the Loan or Pay Remaining Debts



Who dreams of buying a home, owning a good car, financing a motorboat or a motorcycle to get around, is driven by the ease of easy credit exposure offered on the various banks and financial shelves. My grandmother always said, ” It’s easier to ask than to give it back !”

Actually this is a fact, mainly because in the present day the realization of any purchase that involves financial resources financed there must be a dose of discipline and some planning. By bringing discipline and planning together, the dream of buying has a great chance of not becoming a big nightmare for the buyer when buying goods financed. After reading this article I suggest you also read the online loan guide.

The citizen who has pre-approved credit in the square can not act motivated simply by his consumerist impulses, this type of behavior puts at risk personal budgets and also of an entire family. We all know that durable goods are expensive, do not have enough money cause borrowing or financing that can last for tens of months and even years of installments and interest payments.

Hence, to make good planning based on revenues and expenses in view of a financial slack, should keep everything under control.

# 1 – Financial Planning and Forecasting

 # 1 - Financial Planning and Forecasting

Planning or predicting whether the financial situation will remain regular over the next few years is a very difficult task, even though, in the various economic everyday scenarios, we do not have any kind of control. Therefore, a great way out is to borrow personal loans and finance assets that allow:

  1. Higher entries 20/80% and finance as little as possible.
  2. Financing short-term loans, 12/18/24.
  3. Decreasing, high pitches at the start and softer at the end.
  4. Partially amortize or repay at any time.

# 2 – Saving Money to Avoid Loans

 # 2 - <a href=Saving Money to Avoid Loans ” />

Want to feel safer and avoid hiring personal loans or bank financing? Keep in the habit of saving money by keeping a savings account or making safe and less risky investments.

By reserving money amounts it certainly helps a lot in times of purchase decision, moreover if there are financial unforeseen you will not be in the hand. Doing so does not lose the good and not all the money that has already been applied.

# 3 – Renegotiate or give up the loan

 # 3 - Renegotiate or give up the loan

Want to see an unusual scenario? We must not forget that even for the most cautious people, who plan all their actions with money, loans and financing, who take all necessary precautions, it is possible that at any moment an unforeseen event occurs and forces financial commitments.

When money is short, what to do then? The borrower realizes that he can not afford to pay the current installments of loans, financing or personal credit, he can perform some simple actions.

– Renegotiate outstanding debts.
– Refinance the loan / financing.
– Portabilize the operation to another bank.
– Sell the debt and get lower interest rates.
– Give up the purchase being refunded part of securities.
– Transfer the debts / contract to third parties.

In all the cases that I mentioned the idea is to avoid the accumulation of debts and compound interest. The problem is that once a loan operation is completed and there are difficulties in repayment, the borrower will be prone to losses of value or even the property acquired.

# 4 – Contractual rights and duties

 # 4 - Contractual rights and duties

Each type of bank financing or modality of personal loan has contractual clauses that determine the rights and duties of both parties, some entirely legal others debatable in court that put the consumer at a disadvantage.

Many creditors predicting that events such as these happen frequently and are not uncommon, put in the contract abusive clauses, fines and additional fees for cases of delinquency or withdrawals.

It is worth remembering that the borrower or consumer who feels harmed by abusive contractual agreements has the possibility of triggering the creditor to negotiate or bring legal action and require cancellation of clauses in addition to the return of part of amounts already paid if this is the case .

# 5 – Do not give up funding

 # 5 - Do not give up funding

If the case is of someone who is in financial difficulties but has decided not to give up the loan , the appropriate and advisable measure is to renegotiate it. It is important that the renegotiation is done as quickly as possible, usually within a maximum of 3 months in debt, has passed, the risk of losing good is enormous. For example, if a loan is financed to purchase a motor vehicle, the company may confiscate the vehicle.

“With the increase in the opening of credit facilitated we also saw something grow in the same proportion, today we can find several courtyards crowded with vehicles seized by Justice due to lack of payment”

My tip : If you have debt with financings, people loans, bank credit in general and are owed, seek to renegotiate with your official lender or liable as soon as possible.

Now, if you do not know how to do it, and understand that giving up the loan or financing is the best option, get as much information as possible about the penalties and your consumer rights to get them from the appropriate agencies.